I’m Candy Priano, a nonfiction writer. My stories cover the tragedy of vehicular police pursuits. 

Police chases kill the innocent.
On average, crashes that end police pursuits kill one person a day. Over one-third of the people killed are innocent bystanders. Throughout the United States, and the world, police chase crashes kill and injure children, spouses, parents, siblings, and other family members and friends. This number continues to climb with no promise of action.

Kristie Priano gets some love from Chance, who appreciates the taste of whipped cream. Click on the video: Candy Priano reads from her work in progress during an Open Mic session at the Butte County, CA, Library. You will hear a few passages from Candy’s memoir, Fifteen Forever.

Fifteen Forever: A Memoir

Police pursuit crashes to capture nonviolent offenders kill and injure thousands of innocent bystanders each year. This number continues to grow, leaving behind shattered families who discover hidden darkness in this unfettered, police practice that unfolds on our roads and highways every day.

Fifteen Forever introduces you to my family and others like me suffering from unnecessary and preventable deaths of loved ones who had nothing to do with the chase. Soon after I place an orange rose on my daughter Kristie’s casket, people tell me to move on, to accept it. Not one to walk away from unanswered questions, I search for solutions and take up the cause to save innocent lives from these unnecessary and preventable deaths. I have no idea what ugly obstacles lie in my path—or what beauty lies in the generosity and bravery of the people who fight with me to prevent the tragedy of pursuit.

Agents and Publishers. This memoir tells the stories of innocent bystanders who pay too high a price as a result of drivers fleeing police and the deadly crashes that end police pursuits. With much help from award-winning writers, I work daily on my fifth draft as my search for an agent and publisher begins.
Contact  candypriano@kristieslaw.org or 530-519-9754.

Meet Glenn


Glenn Morshower is an actor, motivational speaker, and the spokesman for PursuitSAFETY, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working every day to save lives. Like everyone at PursuitSAFETY, Glenn volunteers his time, talent, and amazing acts of kindness to the families impacted by the tragedy of pursuit.

Glenn Morshower has appeared in over 300 film and television projects in a career spanning four decades. He plays the role of Marshall, the hospital’s board chairman on the popular FOX hit, The Resident. Audiences worldwide know Glenn for his seven-year run as Agent Aaron Pierce on the FOX series 24, his appearances in X-Men and Transformers.

Glenn became involved with PursuitSAFETY in 2007 after watching Candy and Mark Priano, the organization’s founders, on a morning TV show. He was deeply moved by the story of the death of their fifteen-year-old daughter Kristie and reached out to Candy via the Kristie’s Law website. He offered to help get the word out. Since that time, Glenn filmed dozens of video public service announcements, attended and spoke at our Family Connections event in St. Louis, and filmed more PursuitSAFETY videos at a studio in Dallas. We, at PursuitSAFETY, think the world of Glenn who is kind and thoughtful to families who help PurusitSAFETY through their volunteerism and financial donations.