Friends Who Write

Friends Who Write

Mary Jensen
Rudy’s Rules for Travel

I discover new adventures when my friend Mary introduces me to her narrative nonfiction book. Here I am with Mary K. Jensen. Mary launched Rudy’s Rules for Travel in April 2018. We are at the Chocolate Festival in Paradise, CA. When I approached Mary’s table, several people had formed a line to purchase her book. I did, too. Mary’s writing welcomes me to come along on a humorous and sometimes serious ride to countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Mexico. The good news is that I did not have to follow Rudy’s Rules! If you are looking for fun and laughter, visit Mary and find out more about Rudy’s Rules for Travel at

Mary K. Jensen and Candy Priano

Medea Kalantar
Honeycake: Special Magical Powers

From Left: Medea Kalantar and her book,
Honeycake: Special Magical Powers.

In the third installment of the charming Honeycake Book Series, Nala brings her outgrown toys and clothes to Rainbow Hall. Author Medea Kalanter has Nala spending the day with her Grandma and Uncle JD. They discover a special magical power we all have, called Kindness.

Candy’s review: “Honeycake: Special Magical Powers” shines a light on kindness in the lead character, Nala, the sweetest little girl. Medea uses the power of family, dialogue, and attractive artwork to illustrate a wonderful act of kindness. Children and adults will find “Special Magical Powers” a light, sure to inspire us all to help others.

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