Nature Lab

Kristie’s Nature Lab

Kristie's Nature Lab

Kristie had been a volunteer animal caretaker and a junior naturalist for the Center when she was in junior high. She loved volunteering at the Nature Center and fell in love with Aspen, a silver ferret. The Nature Center planted a tree in memory of Kristie. Next to the tree is a memorial plaque with a picture of Kristie holding Aspen. Here’s a letter from Tom Haithcock, the director of the Nature Center, Kristie will be remembered.

The Center, located in Bidwell Park, has been authorized to build a new facility that will include an exhibit hall/information center and an environmental classroom for children in K-6th grades. The classroom will be called Kristie’s Nature Lab and will offer school-age children the opportunity to learn about the natural wonders of Northern California and how to best preserve our environment.