PursuitSAFETY Team Achievements

• In 2011, developed and established the annual Safer Way Award, which recognizes law enforcement departments and officers who apprehend suspects without a pursuit.

• Implemented an educational program titled, Pull Over, Have No Regrets. It benefits all drivers but targets teens and younger drivers by showing them the inherent dangers to themselves and others if they choose to flee from the police.

• Ongoing Legislative Efforts: Campaigned on Capitol Hill, asking legislators to support funding for pursuit reduction technology.

• Support legislative actions on an ongoing basis in support of safer pursuit initiatives, stricter penalties to those who flee, and requirements for mandatory reporting of pursuit-related injuries to and deaths of innocent bystanders.

• Coordinated the development of a series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) featuring our spokesman and character actor Glenn Morshower.

• With help from members of our law enforcement community and Glenn Morshower, created a series of officer training and safety tip videos. These short video clips are available at

• Established Family and Friends Connection meetings in support of families impacted by tragedy resulting from police pursuit and response call crashes.



“Compassion: Reference Guide for Peace Officers,” PursuitSAFETY, endorsed by Commissioner Joseph A. Farrow of the California Highway Patrol. Illustrates how officers, with sensitivity and compassion, need to reach out to families of innocent victims of pursuit crashes. Provides nine guidelines, taking officers from the crash site to court hearings/trials. June 2015; revised October 2015.

Candy Priano and Rhett Dunlap, “Tactical Team Earns Safer Way Award,” PursuitSAFETY, August 24, 2015.

Nora Profit and Candy Priano, “The Unwritten Policy,”, November 23, 2009.

Candy Priano, “How Many Deaths Before It’s Not Okay,” The Conservative Voice (now,, September 19, 2007. Written in response to Thomas Sowell’s column “High-speed Car Chases by the Police,” Capitalism Magazine, September 12, 2007.

Candy Priano, “Police Pursuit Bill Requires Teeth,” Opinion, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Daily News, July 2005.

PursuitSAFETY Honors

• Silver Rating by Great Nonprofits.

• Recognized by ALERT International for promoting a positive and professional image of emergency response trainers and for the organization’s dedication to the support of sharing information, ideas and innovations in the area of EVOC operations.

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